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Find the context-sensitive grammars for the following languages.

$\text{(a)}$ $L=\{a^{n+1}b^nc^{n-1} : n\geq 1\}$.

$\text{(b)}$ $L=\{a^{n}b^nc^{2n} : n\geq 1\}$.

$\text{(c)}$ $L=\{a^{n}b^mc^{n}d^m : n\geq 1, m\geq1\}$.

$\text{(d)}$ $L=\{ww : w\in \{a,b\}^+\}$.

$\text{(e)}$ $L=\{a^{n}b^nc^{n}d^m : n\geq 1\}$.
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