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Translate these specifications into English where $F(p)$ is“Printer $p$ is out of service,”$B(p)$ is “Printer $p$ is busy,”$L(j )$ is “Print job $j$ is lost,” and $Q(j )$is “Print job $j$ is queued.”

  1. $\exists p (F(p) \wedge B(p)) \rightarrow \exists j L(j)$
  2. $\forall B(p) \rightarrow \exists j Q(j)$
  3. $\exists j (Q(j) \wedge L(j)) \rightarrow \exists p F(p)$
  4. $(\forall p B(p) \wedge \forall j Q(j)) \rightarrow \exists j L(j)$
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