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The Diffie-Hellman key exchange is being used to establish a secret key between
Alice and Bob. Alice sends Bob (227, 5, 82). Bob responds with (125). Alice’s
secret number, x, is 12, and Bob’s secret number, y, is 3. Show how Alice and Bob
compute the secret key.
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Is it there in GATE syllabus?
Yes that is....!!!
ok thank you

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Public keys=227, 5

A's secret key=12, B's secret key=3

A generates key=$5^{12}$ MOD 227=82. This key is sent to B

Similarly B's key is obtained by $5^3$ MOD 227=125. This key is sent to A

A receives 125 and B receives 82. This will be used by A and B to compute the secret key for encryption

A computes secret key $K_{A}=125^{12}$ MOD 227

B computes secret key $K_{B}=82^{3}$ MOD 227

$K_{A}$ and $K_{B}$ will be same

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