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What language is generated by the following grammer?

S→ a | S+S | SS | S* |  (S)
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for writing regular expression . we need three operator like 

  • Union: If R1 and R2 are regular expressions, then R1 | R2 (also written as R1 U R2 or R1 + R2) is also a regular expression.
  • Concatenation: If R1 and R2 are regular expressions, then R1.R2 (also written as R1.R2) is also a regular expression.
  • Kleene closure: If R1 is a regular expression, then R1* (the Kleene closure of R1) is also a regular expression.

so this grammar is converting into regular expression.



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yes.. thank u...
but one silly question.. ( S ).. what does this imply in regular expression?
it is just a bracket.

we can genrate regular expression like (aa+aaa)*.

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