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Hello!! all the respected members of gate overflow..

I am a gate 2020 aspirant

Our paper is going to be made by IIT Delhi as per i got the information

Can u all please guide me how to prepare and what topics I must focus on more ...What will be my strategy and all..& if i get a timetable I would be greatful to u all

Thank you
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I do not know who is propagating such things. See the various sets in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 -- hardly any relation for the question difficulty or topics. In fact GATE paper is set by a combined pool of select IIT professors and organizing institute only takes care of the exam conduct. And what all topics to focus more -- entire GATE syllabus must be valued equally -- this time just one word "independent" caused 3 marks and mostly none of the mostly asked questions came. So, if you want to be safe better not try to make such strategies.
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Thank you :')

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