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A $64000$-byte message is to be transmitted over a $2$-hop path in a store-and-forward packet-switching network. The network limits packets toa maximum size of $2032$ bytes including a $32$-byte header. The trans-mission lines in the network are error free and have a speed of $50$ Mbps.Each hop is $1000$ km long and the signal propagates at the speed of light ($3×10^8$meters per second). Assume that queuing and processing delays at the intermediate node are negligible. How long does it take to deliver the entire message from the source to the destination?

I am getting answer as $1*3*(T_t+T_p) + \;31*T_t$ where $T_t=0.325\; ms$ and $T_p=3.333\; ms$. Please Confirm.
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2 hop means, inside the path there are 2 switch or 1 switch?

I think it will be 1 switch


no. 2 hop means 2 switch...

"The hop count refers to the number of intermediate devices through which data must pass between source and destination. "

yes,then that will be ans, u r right
yes 2 hop path means only one switch in between sender and reciever. I also had confusion but saw similar problem in one of the foreign university exam. tried finding if there is difference between hop path count and hop count but didn't get satisfactory answer.


Please share the link of that problem of foreign university exam. 

is answer = 17.56 ms
I don't have the answer.

1 Answer

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i am getting 113.175 msec

by Boss (34.4k points)

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