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Does iit Mandi has mtec CSE program?

How to apply for MS program for IIT Mandi?
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no , iit mandi dose not have mtech prog.

we can apply for ms.

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I checked the website of IIT Mandi and my name is there on the shortlisted list for MS in CS. The date for next round given is 30th May. But no other details is given as to where will I get my call letter, timings for next round, what will be the next round etc. ... guide me what to do next. I did not receive any mail from IIT Mandi. I saw my name on the official shotlisted list on the website.
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@arjunsir @pragyAgrawal Is the career suggestion link in gate college predictor working? I haven't received any mail regarding the same. I have 64.33/100 marks and 737/1000 score. My rank is 498 in General category. Please suggest which colleges I should focus on. How do I gauge which colleges I can get?
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I have been offered mtech in iit kanpur geoinformatics and i took admission in it and today i got bits Hyderabad me cse offer also.. Now i am confused as my ug background is cse ,i want to prefer bits but the fee structure is damn i think iitk would be feasible. Plz suggest me something if anyone have idea regarding that.
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For ~77 marks (GO Estimated AIR 53-55, Score ~882) in GATE 2019, is there a chance of getting direct admission into IISc or IIT Bombay/Delhi? The rank has been dropping steadily in the last few days. I'm very confused as I would like to plan and prepare ... if direct admissions seem improbable. GO has taken me this far but I'll need a little more help :D Any insights would be really appreciated!
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