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How is MS CSE at IIT Indore ? What is the application process (The website is just looping into pages, not understanding) ? Is there any senior who is pursuing or has completed this course ?
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I was able to make some progress on that yesterday. I believe you found this page (link 1) The process is as follows:

>  Open Advertisement link, scroll down to page 4, it has the flow chart. I will simplify it for you.

 step 1: Pay 800 rs to sbi at this link

step 2: save the receipt of the transaction.

step3: Now go back to link 1, click apply for admission. Fill in the details and click submit. This will take you to the complete application form. Fill the complete form. 

step 4: Take the print out of the form, paste your photo and sign it, scan it and email everything to the coordinator. (i am yet to do this)


If you read page 4, and 6 and relate it to my explanation. You would get. it.

I agree the submitting this form is tricky. People able to fill this form should be awarded admission without interview :)


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Thanks soo much ! :)

@loser Could you please tell me, while paying through SBICollect, does it gives a validation error on Address ?

yes i did face error when i gave complete address, in the end i just gave the city name, which worked.

Thanks, it works with charm.

@loser If you could please help me with one more thing, I have a doubt in form filling for IIT Hyderabad. There they have asked to upload graduation certificates under check list. Does this mean marksheets or just the degree certificate? Because, degree doesn't show as such any significant details ?


@loser What has to be written for questions like How do you plan for expenses for the program ?

MHRD scholarship
i dont remember exactly, but the general rule that i m following is , if they dont ask for degree and marksheet separately, den i upload a single pdf doc which has my degree and all semester mark sheet....
Im unable to download apllication form in IIT Indore MS Application, no download option can someone help?

use third option "print application".


Ya but its just opening, with no download option right?
press ctrl-p then on the left side instead of selecting a printer select save as pdf...

if dis wasn't helpful google it on how to save print page as pdf....:)

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