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Select the best alternative Motorcycle : Battery : : Life : ?

(1)  Star (2)  Moon (3)  Sun (4)  Earth

I given answer as (4), but correct one is (3) 


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"Sun is the source of all energy"
but without earth the life has no existance

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Ans. -  Option (3)

> Motorcycle : Battery 

- Assuming battery as a fuel, it provides energy for the motorcycle to run. So, it's one particular energy source. 

Now let's see the options - 

Option (1) - If the relation was like Motorcycle: fuel / energy, then this option would have been correct, since star is a general term. We need a particular one. So this cannot be the correct answer. 


Option (2) - Assuming motorcycle cannot run without battery, life shouldn't be able to exist without moon. However, life isn't primarily dependent on the moon's energy / black body radiation. So, this cannot be the correct answer.


Option (3) - Sun is primary energy source for our solar system, and more importantly for life. Also, it's a particular one. So, this can be the correct answer. 

Option (4) - Can motorcycle exist without battery ? Of course. Can life exist without earth? That's debatable. So, this approach ​​​​​doesn't lead us to give proper reasoning. However, is life dependant on the earth as a primary and particular energy source, compared to all other options? No. So, this cannot be the correct answer. 


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1st - battery is the source to start a motorcycle . Therefore , to start a life SUN is the ultimate source. So, Option C.

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