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What are the strongly connected components in the above figure ?

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strongly connected component  of a directed graph is a maximal strongly connected subgraph

1. svw 

2. qty 

3. xz

4. r

5. u



you can check the above question for more info how to find strongly connected components using algorithm or intuitively.

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5 stronglly component.

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Using Kosaraju's Algorithm 

1> step find the DFS of  G.and store their finishing time

2>compute Transpose  of G and after that perform DFS of  Transpose  of G and then perform then perform the traversal in such a way that for each node the adjacent nodes should be visited in decreasing order of their finishing time.

And we are comparing the number of connected components in the 2 graphs G and $G^{T}$  right??

Yes you are right.
how many cross edges and forward edges are present in the above graph??

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