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I couldn't find separate application forms for mtech in cs and mtech in data science at IIT Guwahati.
The following is the link to apply for mtech:

But nowhere have they mentioned to choose data science or computer science in the form. Is there a separate form for both?

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@shraddha priya Yes, there is a separate application form to be filled for both the disciplines.

The trick is you make a create new registration for applying to both.

Thanks a lot. :)


@Vishwesh Vinchurkar I'm Not getting the drop down list to select preferences. I thought its some server or internet connectivity issue so tried again today, but still no luck. What to do?


@shraddha priya I am sad that it doesn't come for you, because I remember when I filled the form, I got preference-1 field as active and it had only one option, which was same as the one which I selected during registration. 

Could you try the step by step once again ?

[1] Use this link:

[2] In the table there, click here do first time registration.

[3] Fill the details and note that you have selected correct academic program and discipline.

[4] Again, go to the above link mentioned and click in table, click here to login after registration.

[5] Now, fill in the personal details and preference-1 dropdown should have option for the same.


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