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Prove that  $x \oplus 1$ = x’ and $x \oplus 0$ = x.
in Digital Logic by Boss (10.8k points) | 58 views

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we know that ${\color{Magenta}{{x\oplus y}=x\overline{y}+\overline{x}y}}$

Now ${\color{Green}{{x\oplus 1}=x\cdot\overline{1}+\overline{x}\cdot1=x\cdot 0+\overline{x}=\overline{x}}}$

and ${\color{Blue}{{x\oplus 0}=x\cdot\overline{0}+\overline{x}\cdot0=x\cdot 1+0=x}}$
by Veteran (59.5k points)
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WE can solve using truth table

by Boss (36.7k points)
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