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What advantage does a circuit-switched network have over a packet-switched network? What advantages does TDM have over FDM in a circuit-switched network?
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Suppose there is exactly one packet switch between a sending host and a receiving host. The transmission rates between the sending host and the switch and between the switch and the receiving host are R1 and R2, respectively. Assuming that the switch uses store-and-forward ... is the total end-to-end delay to send a packet of length L? (Ignore queuing, propagation delay, and processing delay.)
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A packet switch receives a packet and determines the outbound link to which the packet should be forwarded. When the packet arrives, one other packet is halfway done being transmitted on this outbound link and four other packets are waiting to be transmitted. Packets are ... rate is R, x bits of the currently-being-transmitted packet have been transmitted, and n packets are already in the queue?
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