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Visit the Queuing and Loss applet at the companion Web site. What is the maximum emission rate and the minimum transmission rate? With those rates, what is the traffic intensity? Run the applet with these rates and determine how long it takes for packet loss to occur. Then repeat the experiment a second time and determine again how long it takes for packet loss to occur. Are the values different? Why or why not?
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The maximum emission rate $=500 \text{$\frac{\text{packets}}{\text{sec}}$}$

Maximum transmission rate $ = 350\text{$\frac{\text{packets}}{\text{sec}}$} $

The traffic intensity $= \frac{500}{350} = 1.43 \gt1$

The time of the occurrence of the first loss will be different from the next due to the randomness in the emission process. But the losses will certainly occur for each of the experiments.


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