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How to attempt Gate exam ?

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Every person have their own strategy, if you will ask to any topper they all will share you a different strategy. So, you yourself have to determine your strategy what suits you. Now the question comes how can anyone finds his/her own strategy. The answer is very simple that is through practice . Practice means creating a simulation of the same environment that you would be facing in the exam. You can do it all through giving the full length mock test of various institute test series or gate previous year papers .

If you have not gone through the previous years questions of gate ,i'll strictly suggest you not to solve questions from recent last 3–4 years .Give them all as a mock before 20 days of gate or once your all subjects are covered because any test series cant give you the same feel as main gate exam and if you will give them as mock you will learn what would be learning through 5–6 test of any institute(I,m talking about strategy not concepts.).

Gate comprises of 65 questions of 100 marks . 35 questions of 2 marks and 30 questions of 1 mark. So basically I used to divide them all in 3 part :

1- Aptitude (1 mark(5) + 2 mark (5)).

2- 1 marks Technical (25 *1)

3 -2 marks Technical (30*2)

What you can do while giving mock tests is that you can interchange the order of all and see which one suits you. Thats why giving more number of full length is more important.

My startegy:

Apti: in first 20 minutes.

Then 2 marks for next 60–70 minutes. What i used to do is that i divide 2 marks section in 3 parts 10 question of each and give 20 minutes to each . In each 20 minutes first i do next amd next and scan all those easy or halwa questions ( you will definitely find 2–3 ) and solve them and my whole target was to solve 5–6 questions out of 10 in those 20 minutes of each .

Now comes 1 marks , i basically give 30–40 minutes to them and target was to solve 17–18 which are mostly easy and simply left 7–8 questions coz they would be lengthy and tricky so its better to give those time to 2 marks .

Now i would be having 50-60 minutes and now i have the whole idea of the paper . Now i will start the scanning of questions. First go to apti if you have left them because in Gate ,apti are never difficult.

Then try to go through left questions of 2 marks or marked for review one for 40 minutes and remaining time for 1 marks. I, dont used to reserve any time for revision,thats never works for me.

Anyhow follow any startegy but have these Important points in mind :

1.Dont give second attempt to any questions just after its first attempt, just put it mark for review and solve it later during second scan.

2. Always solve the paper in 2 scan and second scan should be of atleast 60 minutes.

3. Dont fight with any questions. Dont give more than 4 minutes to any question.

4 .Dont watch time while solving question. You should have much practice that your intuition should able to know that you are giving more than required time.

5. Dont get panic if the things are not working with you. Wait for the 3 hours to end and give your best.

6. It happens with everyone than continuously 3–4 questions are not coming in a row ,that happens with everyone. Thats the Game of Gate , it even check your patience level through it.

7. Dont reserve time for revision. Try to solve question in the first attempt only. Make a habbit from the test series.

8.Utilise the paper in a good way. Try to give your test series in a 12 page sheet . U can make it by cutting six A4 size paper from mid and staple them. Gate authority dont provide more than one pad.

9. Every questions consists of three parts: input,execute and output . Read the question twice and determine its input then execute and produce the output and write the correct value of output in the system.

10. Try to do smart guess in exam, like in NAT probability questions answer would be 0–1 . Also if you are having doubts in two options , mark the most suitable one.

11. Make sure that your eye contact are with every word that you read in questions.Dont overlook any word.Each sentence and word have their significance in Gate exam.

12. Gate always try to trick you. I used to call them ‘Fassan point ' . Read every question with intention in mind of finding such keywords or fassan point that will trick you.

13. Enter in the exam with all these Attitude . Dont see gate as a very big exam . Suppose u are greater than Gate. Boost up your confidence and beleive yourself.

14. Avoid silly mistake ,that can be done only through confidence and practice .

15. Dont take some question very lightly, Read them properly ,they may trick you .

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See there is no fixed approach to attempt gate paper. You have to test yourself  and make the strategy which suits u.Some of the common practices followed are

- Attempt the questions in the given order(always a bit risky if u dont have good solving speed).

-Divide the paper in 2 or 3 scans and try solving easier questions first then those which will take time but u have confidence that u can solve them then at last very hard ones.

-Doing easy question and taking a read of difficult questions and then solving them in 2nd scan.

So their are various paper solving strategies that u have to test in this remaining 10 months by giving previous yr papers and various test series.

"The most imp thing is remaining calm in those 3 hr becoz i have seen many students getting nervous and making silly mistakes.For any other doubt u can comment.

All the best to all gate 2020 aspirants


are the 1 marks and 2 marks questions mixed or is there any pattern in the online paper?
like first 1 marks questions will come and then 2 marks ???
generally first aptiute 1 marks, then aptitude 2 marks, then core subject 1 marks and finally core subject 2 marks
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I am Suraj Kesharwani, I have secured AIR: 372 and GS 764 in GATE 2020. My previous Ranks are 5793 and 7613 in GATE 2018 and 2019 respectively. Here I will be telling you my personal experience how and what I did to ensure max benefits to me and If you like to read about my preparation strategy of 2020, you can read it from here



I am very slow at mathematical calculations.

I sometimes get intimidated by seeing the length of questions.

For the hard question, I have to read it twice or thrice to understand it completely in and out. I only planned to get 75+. The way I planned to get these marks was 12 marks from Aptitude, 15 marks (15 questions out of 25) 1 marks, 48 marks (24 questions out of 30) from 2 marks. PS: I got 64 marks in GATE 2020. So you can aim higher.

You can also list your weakness and try to overcome them one at a time. My strategy to attempt the actual paper has been developed and thoroughly tested by me in the Previous Year Question paper and the Mock Exams as well. You are free to choose any style. It entirely depends on person to person. You should also choose whatever style you are comfortable in and do not try to imitate any previous year GATE rankers.


As I require more than one reading to solve the hard questions, So I divided my time so that I can read the questions in certain passes. Pass 1, 2 & 3.

Pass 1: 


180 - 150 min:-

So as you know the examination is of 180 min. My first part was consisting of doing the 1 marks questions in around 30 min. There are 25 such questions in CS branch section. So my target was to do around 10 or so questions with reading all the questions and marking the ones for review which I can solve later if time permits. In this section, I was only targeting such question which can be solved by memory-based formulae or very easy ones which do not take more than 1 min to solve. So you will get some 10 marks from here.

150 - 110 min:- 

In this time I was targeting the 2 marks section of CS branch paper. There are 30 questions in this area. So, I allocated 40 min around to go through the whole 30 questions reading and solving the easy ones which are around 10 in every paper. I read all the questions meanwhile and marked the ones which I could solve later. So choose only those 10 questions which can be solved within 2 min or so time. This would have fetched around 20 marks.

110 - 90 min:-

My English is not so strong so I was targeting some 12 - 13 marks from a total of 15 marks in the aptitude section. In this 20 min I solved all the aptitude I could and with sure accuracy and no blind guessing so that I can be sure of my marks.


Pass 2:


90 - 50 min:- 

This 40 min I fully dedicated to the 2 marks questions. As I have marked them earlier in the first pass it was very easy to locate them. One should be very careful while solving this as this has the largest effect on total marks. Also, this area contains a question that can trap you and you can end up wasting all your time here. So be smart to know when to leave the questions. You just need to solve 14 questions in 40 min i.e roughly 3 min  (2.85 to be exact) for each question. Of course, the count varies from paper difficulty but generally, this should be a minimum number of questions one should do. I also tried to solve as many questions as possible as some can be -ve also but I have to get some 48 marks from this section.

50 - 30 min:-

This 20 min I dedicated to 1 marks section as there are min 5 to be solved there you can utilize the rest of the time by giving it to more questions in 2 marks. But this only should happen once you finish the 1 marks section.

One should also be smart enough to judge which question to choose in 1 marks sections. As some of the 1 marks sections are quite time-consuming and seriously deserve 2 marks so leave those questions initially till this pass as they don’t deserve your valuable time now.


Pass 3 :


30 - 00 min:- 

This time is very crucial. As many try to skip revision and try to solve as many questions as can. But please refrain from it and revise first to find your mistake. To reduce mistake and maximize marks read this Blog  

When you are satisfied that you have seriously done the revision if time is still left then you can go for any marks question but surely choose NAT type this that even if anything goes wrong in solving it fast due to time constraint then you won’t get negative for this. And If you are sure you can make solve MCQ then go for it it is your attempt.










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I had prepared for this plan in 2020 and followed in all the test series and my score was good. but when in 2021 when the question is came with jumble, at that time I had no idea of how to divide the time into different parts and finally panicked in the final exam. bcoz of this, I made a huge number of silly mistakes, as I always looked into the timer and think about “am I wasting too much time on this question ?”.