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Is it ok to drop for 2nd time for GATE ? i.e. dropping for giving GATE 3rd time in a row ? Please give your opinions.

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depends on what happened previously. You should give that information too.
In my case ,
I first gave GATE 2018 in and got 30 marks. This was not a serious attempt.I attempted 30 questions and got 30 marks(10 marks from apti+10marks from maths+11 marks from technical section+  1 mark negative). Rank was 7888.

After this when clg was over i started preparing full time by self study from may 2018. I didn't used standard text books or any online coaching. just covered the syllabus from youtube, google and gateoverflow. ( by covering i mean just gone through the topics that were mentioned in gate syllabus and then solved pyq).

Things were going good and in September month i suffered from jaundice. I was not able to prepare for 2 months i.e. September and october.
From november i started revising subjects and solved  PYQ papers on gateoverflow and my marks were between 50 to 65.

Along with this i started giving test series of made easy.

In Jan i just focused on revision and gave full lenght test  and in made easy cbt1 and cbt2 in both i got 42 marks.

In gate 2019 paper i attempted 51 questions out of which 20 questions were incorrectly attempted and finally i got 40 marks (12 marks in maths + 11 marks in apti + 20 marks in technical + 3 marks negative ) my rank is 5777.
You should follow the suggestion given by Abhishek. You have to work on your weak topics rather than working randomnly. And number of hours or months spent won't directly translate to better rank in GATE. Anyone can be smart, but the difference is in pulling one step away from the crowd and then you will become a topper.

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The decision of dropping should be taken by an individual , what I can help you is with analysis part.
You might end up in one of the two categories:
(1) You know what went wrong last year and have a list of topics readily available that you need to focus on, improve by reading standard books, solving gate problems and get better at it.
(2) You feel like you gave everything this year and you were just unlucky this year.
So if you belong to the 2nd category and feel that your preparation and was very good and was probably unlucky.
Step 0: (compulsory for category 2, optional for category 1) Give last 10 years and get your average marks and prepare a record something like this:

15 days at max.
Know your average. And formulate the list of your weak topics, your average can't be above 80 in the above mocks and get below 60 in actual Gate Exam.
Next: You belong to same situation as category 1, with list of topics/subjects you know you need to improve.
Step 1:
You have the list of topics ready with you and if you think you can work hard and complete them then go ahead, if you have a mindset of leaving some portions again considering them hard and hoping that they won't show up in the exam next year, I don't think you should drop.
Step 2:
So after completing all the weak portions and revising the strong one evaluate yourself first. Are you prepared for Gate ?
Give the mock exam again and try an average of above 80(Target single digit rank, every year topper's marks is more than 80 however hard/easy the paper be). If you do these you will be better prepared.
After that if you wish you can start with test series and other practice portions to fix things like time management ,anxiety ,Hall management etc. but first get your concepts fixed. If you score in 50s or 60s in previous years, don't expect a miracle on Gate exam day.
Now if you think about age issue I have two examples for you:
Namita Kalra : AIR-1 (2018)
2014 passout
Kishlay Das : AIR-37 (2017)
If you know few more of such example you can comment the same in comment, so others will also know it and be inspired.
And I also gave gate for 3rd time and got AIR-175 in 2019 (2017 passout) so I guess, you can also.

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