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Let $\sum = \{0,1\}$

  1. Let  $A=\{0^{k}u0^{k}|k\geq 1$ $\text{and}$ $u\in \sum^{*}\}.$ Show that $A$ is regular.
  2. Let  $B=\{0^{k}1u0^{k}|k\geq 1$ $\text{and}$ $u\in \sum^{*}\}.$Show that $B$ is not regular.
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option a is not regular cause there is condition on no.of 0's.

no of 0's before u and after u have to same , which is no possible in regular language.


option b is not regular because of the same reason above and after 1 how can you find the diffrence between u and 0.
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