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Which of the following functions is not differentiable in the domain $[-1,1]$ ?

(a) $f(x) = x^2$

(b) $f(x) = x-1$

(c) $f(x) = 2$

(d) $f(x) = Maximum (x,-x)$

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$x^2$ is differentiable and $x-1$ is continuous and differentiable in the given domain.. make the graph of both and check.. 

Sorry.. i have went terribly wrong, Thnaks a TON for making it right.. :)

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Actually $|x|$=maximum(x,-x) , you can verify this here

and we know that $|x|$  is not differentiable at x=0 which is in interval [-1,1] .

Rest of the functions are continuous and differentiable everywhere. 

so option D.

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