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Let $G = (V, \Sigma, R, S)$ be the following grammar. $V = \{S, T, U\}; \Sigma = \{0, \#\};$ and $R$ is the set of rules$:$

  • $S\rightarrow TT\mid U$
  • $T\rightarrow 0T\mid T0\mid \#$
  • $U\rightarrow 0U00\mid\#$                          
  1. Describe $L(G)$ in English.
  2. Prove that $L(G)$ is not regular$.$
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1 Answer

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L={$0^n$#$(00)^n | n>0$} $\cup$ {0*#0*#0*}

one of the languages us DCFL and another is regular

DCFL $\cup$ regular is not regular
by Loyal

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