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What is the solution of recurrence relation

$T\left ( n \right )=T\left ( n-1 \right )+n$
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n+(n-1)+(n-2)+.....+1=$\frac{n \times (n+1)}{2}$
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but here we donot know $T\left ( 1 \right )=1$

Yes, it's an assumption. But unless the recurrence has a base case, it can't be solved.
the solution of recurrence relation and time complexity of recurrence relation are 2 different things or the same??
Both are different things..
there is no such thing as "time complexity of recurrence relation".

Time complexity is related to algorithm means what is the running time of a particular algorithm for a given input size 'n'. To compute the running time,  we write the running time as recurrence if it has the recursive nature. The solution of that recurrence shows the time complexity of that algorithm.
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