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Consider a system using demand paging architecture

  • it takes $3ms.$ to service page fault if either empty frame is available or replaced page is not to be modified
  • takes $10ms.$ if replaced page is modified.
  • Main Memory access time is $1ms.$
  • and page to be replaced is modified $60$% of time.

The maximum acceptable page fault rate to get effective memory access time not more than $4ms.$ is_________(%)

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Let the page fault rate be $p$, then

$ \Rightarrow p \times [0.4 \times 3 ms + 0.6 \times 10 ms] + (1-p) \times 1 ms \leq 4 ms$

$\Rightarrow 6.2p = 3$

$\Rightarrow p = 48 \% $
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