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I Have doubt about the language. Is it asking about the sum of elements if we make the GBL set for the given lattice .

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Is it D?

I think they are asking no of element in GLB.

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It should be 0
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yes, the answer is D.

but I have self doubt about  the language :
Question is asking about the sum of the GBL set of the lattice -> So I thought that maybe we have to calculate the GBL of every pair in the lattice and make a set, After that, we have to sum the elements. So by that method, we will get A :

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Yes, the framing is pretty ambiguous. Your assumption regarding the question is correct, but how can you add sets ?


i mean to say summing the element in the set 

This question is poorly framed The GBL set would comprise of {{$\varnothing$},{$x$},{$y$}}. My question is that the elements in the GBL are sets, we can't add sets. That is why I thought the answer should be 0. What is the explanation provided in the answer?

Hasse diagram:

Greatest Lower Bound of lattice is { } or ϕ   

Sum of elements in GLB of lattice = 0 


in test book exp nothing is clear according to me x+y but it also true we not add set.

i think question is wrongly frame.

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