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A stack based CPU executes the instruction. Memory location $500$ contain $0X 88$ and memory location $700$ contain $0X37$. The stack pointer is at $0X003F$

The instruction are as follows:

$I_{1}:PUSH$  $500$

$I_{2}:PUSH$. $700$


$I_{4}:POP$. $600$

$I_{5}:PUSH$  $300$

Now which of the following is correct?

$A)$ Stack pointer will be $0X0040$ after executing instructions.

$B)$  Memory location $0X40$ contain $0X88$ after execution of instruction.

$C)$  Memory location $600$ contain $0XBF$ after execution of instruction.

$D)$ Both $a)$ and $c)$
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