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Prove that the rank of the Adjacency Matrix which is associated with a $k-$ regular graph is $k.$
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just taking 2 regular of 4 vertex we can prove it


If in IISc let's let's meet infront of CSA department at 5.

I am not there,I havenot got that chance 


might be there

what a question by professor !

Beautiful merging of 2 concepts :)

@srestha mam, 

just taking 2 regular of 4 vertex we can prove it

 by taking examples we can not prove something... 

for saying something is false, we can use one example, but for saying something is true, we can't do like that

So we have to use like mathematical induction ? or soem other concept ?

taking any k-regular graph, i observed that, if we think in vector form, there are some vectors are repeating.

we are trying for rank, so by eliminating duplicates, i am getting as rank k.

Even this is also not formal proof

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