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A carnival swing ride swings to the left with probability 0.4 and to the right with probability. If the ride stops after 10 swings, what is the probability that it is exactly at the place it started?
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I've written everything exactly same as written in the book (sheldon ross 9th edition, page # 166)
question incomplete.

to the right with probability??
I can't find any such question in sheldon ross, can you attach a screenshot ?
I'm attaching the image with this. It seems that question is misprinted but lets say if any value like 0.6(by intuition) is given then what will be the approach to solve such type of questions.

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If probability of moving right is also given , say p(r), then the swing will be at the same place, if the swing moves left and right equal no. of times=10/2 =5 . The answer should be $10C_5\times{p(r)}^5\times p(l)^5$
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