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Tower $A$ is $90 \ m$ tall and tower $B$ is $140 \ m$ tall. They are $100 \ m$ apart. A horizontal skywalk connects the floors at $70 \ m$ in both the towers. If a taut rope connects the top of tower $A$ to the bottom tower $B,$ at what distance (in meters) from tower $A$ will the rope intersect the skywalk$?$
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Tower $A$ is $90 \ m$ 

Tower $B$ is $140 \ m$

$A$ and $B$ are $100 \ m$ apart

To find$: EF$ distance


By proportionality theorem for $\triangle \ AEF$ and $\triangle \ ACD $



$\implies EF=\dfrac{2}{9}\times 100=22.22 \ m$

So,the answer is $22.22 \ m$

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wrong options no answer is correct (bonus marks to all)
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There is a solution rt?
yeah ... Solution is there the exam... options were not given with numerical value.... Only A B C D was given...So bonus should be there for this question
Didnt know that. Marks to All given now in the Score calculator now.
thank you so much
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I'm losing my marks in marked for review.

This is rule that your marks will be deducted if you solve the paper and marked the option but you will not going to get marks but your marks will be deducted.
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you got mark for this rt? Everyone whether attempted or not will get mark for this.
Yes in this question I got marks but there are 6 questions in which I had marked for review and loss all marks.
did you click save and mark for review button?
I Tick option A and saved it as'Marked for review'.

Not in this question but other questions as I was not sure.

And loosing all my marks whichever answer and marked for review.
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This question asked from distance and height answer is 22.22

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