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Hema's age is $5$ years more than twice Hari's age. Suresh's age is $13$ years less than 10 times Hari's age. If Suresh is $3$ times as old as Hema, how old is Hema?

  1. $14$
  2. $17$
  3. $18$
  4. $19$
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Let Hema's age be $x,$ Hari's age be $y$ and Suresh's age be $z.$

According to the question:

  • $x=5+2y\implies x-2y=5\qquad \to (1)$
  • $z=10y-13\qquad \to (2)$
  • $z=3x\qquad \to(3)$

From $(2)$ and $(3)$ we get

  • $3x-10=-13\qquad \to(4)$

Solving equations $(1), \ (4)$ and $(3)$ we get $x=19,\ y=7$ and $z=57.$

Hema's age $x=19$

So, the correct answer is $(D).$

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