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Suresh wanted to lay a new carpet in his new mansion with an area of $70\times 55$ sq.mts. However an area of $550$ sq. mts. had to be left out for flower pots. If the cost carpet is Rs.$50$  sq. mts. how much money (in Rs.) will be spent by Suresh for the carpet now? 

  1. $Rs.1,65,000$
  2. $Rs.1,92,500$
  3. $Rs.2,75,000$
  4. $Rs.1,27,500$
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Ans A.

Total floor area $= 3850$ sq.mts

Total area to be carpeted $= 3850-550 = 3300$ sq.mts

Carpet cost $=$ Rs $50/$sq.mts

Total cost to carpet $3300$ sq.mts $= 50 \times 3300 = \text{Rs. } 1,65,000$
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