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If $E=10,J=20,O=30,$ and $T=40,$ what will be $P+E+S+T?$

  1. $51$
  2. $82$
  3. $120$
  4. $164$ 
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$A-2,B-4,C-6,D-8,{\color{Magenta}{E-10} },F-12,G-14,H-16,$

$I-18,{\color{Magenta}{J-20} },K-22,L-24,M-26,N-28,{\color{Magenta}{O-30} },$

${\color{Red}{P-32} },Q-34,R-36,{\color{Red}{S-38} },{\color{Magenta}{T-40} },U-42,V-44,$


So, $P+E+S+T=32+10+38+40=120$

Correct answer is $(C).$
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