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The bacteria in milk are destroyed when it __________ heated to $80$ degree Celsius.

  1. would be
  2. will be
  3. is
  4. was
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The bacteria in milk are destroyed when it is heated to 80 degree Celsius.

This is "passive verb" form of "Simple Present Tense".

some references: ,

Correct Answer: $C$

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@Naveen Kumar 3

why not option A)??


Passive Voice in "Past Future Tense" uses "would be", i.e., when we talk about future in past.

@srestha ma'am can you see references & confirm whether I'm right or not?


@Naveen Kumar 3

This sentence is very new type to me.


"The bacteria in milk are destroyed" this is a passive verb in LHS


"when it is heated to 80 degree Celsius."- also passive form.

is not it?

Is both side passive form accaptable?


@Naveen Kumar 3 thanks a lot :)

In layman view we can say, the sentence is in present tense.

So, d) also not a good option.

And a) and b) option given in future tense.



@srestha yes! I also thought same 


@Naveen Kumar 3

Check this

Not matching in layman view.

1st one is present tense and 2nd one past tense.

why so? :(


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