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Four people are standing in a line facing you. They are Rahul, Mathew, Seema and Lohit. One is an engineer, one is a doctor, one a teacher and another a dancer. You are told that:

  1. Mathew is not standing next to Seema
  2. There are two people standing between Lohit and the engineer
  3. Rahul is not a doctor
  4. The teacher and the dancer are standing next to each other
  5. Seema is turning to her right to speak to the doctor standing next to her

Who among them is an engineer?

  1. Seema
  2. Lohit
  3. Rahul
  4. Mathew 
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According to the given statements, the positions with the profession of different peoples are shown above. Only Mathew can be the engineer and Lohit the doctor, Seema and Rahul are either teacher or dancer but we cannot identify their exact profession.

So, the correct option is $(D).$

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