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S→ A/a

A→ a

LL1 or not?
in Compiler Design by Active (3.5k points) | 84 views
not LL1
Because S--> A and S--> a are the two productions of S for 'a' right?

3 Answers

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this is not LL(1) because intersection is there,both are going to same cell infact this grammer is ambiguous.

Ambiguous grammer cannot parse by any parsers except operator precedence parser

by Active (1.6k points)
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If a grammar is ambiguous then it never be LL(1),LR(0),SLR,LALR,CLR.

Given grammar is ambiguous . So its not LL(1)
by Boss (35.1k points)
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Given grammar is  ambiguous .even 2 parse tree generated for a string 'a'.
and if the grammar is ambiguous it can not be LL(1), LR(0),SLR(1), LALR(1) and CLR(1) also.
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