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Consider a network topology using STOP and WAIT protocol  A---------R----------B   (here R is STORE and FORWARD ROUTER) Tp=1uS ,  Tx(data)=1000uS,  Tx(ack)=10uS File Size =10000bits, Packet size=1000bits. How long will it take for A to send whole file to B?


Dobut—here A will send packet to router R and router will send ack back to A then A will Transmit second packet 


   here A will send packet toHost B and B will send ack back to A then A will send second packet 

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@gourav94240 which would be a reliable one? 

Suppose you send to R and get acknowledgement , and further if the packets are lost would it be reliable?


@prashant jha 1 in store and forward router packets are stored before sending . Geeksforgeeks/computernetworkpacketswitchingdelays

how does it answer my question?

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