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$L, M$ and $N$ are waiting in a queue meant for children to enter the zoo. There are $5$ children between $L$ and $M$, and $8$ children between $M$ and $N$. If there are $3$ children ahead of $N$ and $21$ children behind $L$, then what is the minimum number of children in the queue?

  1. $28$
  2. $27$
  3. $41$
  4. $40$
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21L5M8N3 For follow the sequence of the queue there are 40 students are there.
15---M--5--L--2--N--3    so total 28
If in case of maximum children then 40

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$L,  M$ and $N$ are waiting in queue that are meant for children, so they are also counted as children.

Correct Answer: $A$

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Answer -> (A) 28

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