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Consider the following table that shows the number (in lakhs) of different sizes of LED television sets sold by a company over the last seven years from $2012$ to $2018$. Answer the question based on the data contained in the table:

Sale of LED Television sets (in lakhs) of different sizes (in inches)

What is the difference in the number of $40$-inch Television sets sold in $2013$ and $2018$

  1. $1,600,000$
  2. $1,500,000$
  3. $15,000,000$
  4. $16,000,000$
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2 Answers

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Answer D: 16,000,000

No of 40 inch television sold in 2018=110

No of 40 inch  television sold in 2013 =94

Then difference in the number of 40-inch Television sets sold in 2013 and 2018 is

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I think it is 1,600,000

Answer =A
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Option(1): 1,600,000
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