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Consider the following two statements with respect to IPv4 in computer networking:

P: The loopback (IP) address is a member of class B network.

Q: The loopback (IP) address is used to send a packet from host to itself.

What can you say about the statements P and Q?

  1. P – True; Q – False
  2. P – False; Q – True
  3. P – True; Q – True
  4. P – False; Q – False
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2 Answers

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P: False

An IP address which belongs to class B has the first two bits in the first octet set to 10

10000000 - 10111111 (128 - 191)

The IP address range – is reserved for loop back.

Q: True

An address that sends outgoing packet back to the same computer for testing.

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Loopback Adrress i.e. 127  is a member of ClassA network.

P - False

Loopback address is use to test self connectivity i.e. is used to send a packet from host to itself.

Whenever a packet sent with loopback address goes till DLL and come back to machine again.

Q - True 



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