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Consider the following steps:

$S_1$: Characterize the structure of an optimal solution

$S_2$: Compute the value of an optimal solution in bottom-up fashion

Which of the following step(s) is/are common to both dynamic programming and greedy algorithms?

  1. Only $S_1$
  2. Only $S_2$
  3. Both $S_1$ and $S_2$
  4. Neither $S_1$ nor $S_2$
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2 Answers

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Ans. A

Both Dp and greedy algorithms find optimal substructure in the problem but only DP uses the bottom up approach.
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Opton (A): only S1

Because both greedy algo and dynamic programming finds the optimal solution for their problems but ,

only dynamic programming uses bottom-up approach

whereas,greedy algo uses top-bottom approach
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