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Consider double hashing of the form

$h(k,i)=(h_1(k)+ih_2(k)) \text{mod m}$ where $h_{1}(k) = \text{k mod m} \ , \ \ h_{2}(k)=1+(\text{k mod n})$ where $n=m-1$ and $m=701$. For $k=123456$, what is the difference between first and second probes in terms of slots?

  1. $255$
  2. $256$
  3. $257$
  4. $258$
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2 Answers

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Option c is right. 

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3rd is the correct answer .

1st time key will go to 80th slot , 2nd time key will go to 337th slot

DIFFERENCE =337-80 = 257th slot


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