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A Web application and its support environment has not been fully fortified against attack. Web engineers estimate that the likelihood of repelling an attack is only $30$ percent. The application does not contain sensitive or controversial information, so the threat probability is $25$ percent. What is the integrity of the web application?

  1. $0.625$
  2. $0.725$
  3. $0.775$
  4. $0.825$
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Threat =Probability that  an attack  will occur  =0.25 or 25 percent

Secruity=Likelihood of repelling an attack =0.30 or 30 percent

Integrity=(1-threat*(1-security)) =(1-0.25(1-0.30))=1-0.175=0.825

option 4
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The question is from which section? Is it from OS security?
s/w engg

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