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For a real number $t >0$, let $\sqrt{t}$ denote the positive square root of $t$. For a real number $x > 0$, let $F(x)= \int_{x^{2}}^{4x^{2}} \sin \sqrt{t}  dt$. If $F'$ is the derivative of $F$, then

  1. $F'(\frac{\pi}{2}) = 0$
  2. $F'(\frac{\pi}{2}) = \pi$
  3. $F'(\frac{\pi}{2}) = - \pi$
  4. $F'(\frac{\pi}{2}) = 2\pi$
asked in Calculus by Boss (29.5k points) | 94 views

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Ans is c...

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Option C
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