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Let $n \in \mathbb{N}$ be a six digit number whose base $10$ expansion is of the form $abcabc$, where $a, b, c$  are digits between $0$ and $9$ and $a$ is non-zero. Then,

  1. $n$ is divisible by $5$
  2. $n$ is divisible by $8$
  3. $n$ is divisible by $13$
  4. $n$ is divisible by $17$
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i think c will be the answer. Just do the expansion. The number wil be divisible if and only if every term is divisible or it satisfy the divisiblity rule. but as not much information is given just head on doing the expansion and adding .

$10^5 a + 10^4 b + 10^3 c + 10^2 a + 10^1 b + 10^ 0 c$

so after adding it will be something like . 100100a + 10010b + 1001c. all terms are divisible by 13 so option C
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