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Let $X \subset \mathbb{R}$ and let $f,g : X \rightarrow X$ be a continuous functions such that $f(X)\cap g(X)=\emptyset$ and $f(X)\cup g(X)= X$. Which one of the following sets cannot be equal to $X$?

  1. $[0, 1]$
  2. $(0, 1)$
  3. $[0, 1)$
  4. $\mathbb{R}$
in Set Theory & Algebra by Boss (29.7k points) | 166 views

1 Answer

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I think answer is D since its given that X is a proper subset of R, then how can it be equal to R.
by Active (1.2k points)
but any logic for other options not being ans ?

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