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A 3 way (ternary) min heap is a 3 way ( ternary – each node as atmost three children nodes, left, mid, right ) complete tree with min heap property ( value of the parent is less than the value of the children ) satisfied at every node. Given a ternary heap in the array representation.

(a) Write the following functions.

  1. Parent(i) // returns the index of the parent of i
  2. Leftchild(i)  // returns the index of the left child of i
  3. Middlechild(i)  // returns the index of the Middle child of i
  4. Rightchild(i)  // returns the index of the right child of i

(b) Write the pseudocode for the topdownheapify function.

(c) In Heapsort, binary heap is preferred over ternary heap. State if this statement is true or false, you must justify your answer.

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Let the heap be represented using an array with index starting from 0. Then

left_child = 3i + 1

right_child = 3i + 2

middle_child = 3I + 3 

parent = ceil(i/3 - 1)

internal_node starts from floor(( n+1)/3  - 1)

The topdownheapify algorithm is as follows


    child_min = min(x,y,z) // x,y,z are the left,middle and the right child respectively of A[i].
    k = index(child_min)   // child_min is mininum of the children
    if (root > child_min)

    for( i = 0 to floor((n+1)/3 - 1))



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