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 For the SDD(SYNTAX-DIRECTED DEFINITIONS ) of Fig. $5.1$, give annotated parse trees for the following expressions:

  1. $(3+4)\ast(5+6)n.$
  2. $1\ast2\ast3\ast(4+5)n.$
  3. $(9+8\ast(7+6)+5)\ast 4n.$ 
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Here all the attributes are synthesized attributes. The attribute value of digit is provided by lexical analyzer since it is a terminal

1. (3+4)∗(5+6)n

Parse Tree

Annotated Parse Tree

2. 1∗2∗3∗(4+5)n

Synthesized attributes are used in conjunction with bottom up parsers to pass info up the tree

3. (9+8∗(7+6)+5)∗4n

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