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This grammar generates binary numbers with a "decimal" point:

  • $S\rightarrow L.L\mid L$
  • $L\rightarrow LB\mid B$
  • $B\rightarrow 0\mid 1$ 

Design an S-attributed SDD to compute $S.val$, the decimal-number value of an input string. For example, the translation of string $101.101$ should be the decimal number $5.625$.

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@Lakshman Patel RJIT

pls remove the hint part from the question as it is not part of it. Also they've asked to design S-attributed SDD so there will be no use of inherited attributes



Fixed it

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$S\rightarrow L.L$ $S.val=L_{1}.val+\frac{L_{2}.val}{2^{L_{2}.count}}$
$S\rightarrow L$ $S.val=L.val$
$L\rightarrow LB$



$L\rightarrow B$



$B\rightarrow 0$



$B\rightarrow 1$




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