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In a running race, Geetha finishes ahead of Shalini and Vani finishes after Aparna. Divya finishes ahead of Aparna. Which of the following is a minimal set of additional information that can determine the winner?

  1. Geetha finishes ahead of Divya and Vani finishes ahead of Shalini.
  2. Aparna finishes ahead of Shalini.
  3. Divya finishes ahead of Geetha.
  4. None of the above.
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Geeta finishes ahead of Shalini  i.e. $Shalini \rightarrow Geeta$  ....$(i)$

Vaani finishes after Aparna i.e $Vaani \rightarrow Aparna$ .............$(ii)$

Divya finishes ahead of Aparna  i.e. $Aparna \rightarrow Divya$.......$(iii)$

from $(ii)$ and $(iii)$

$Vaani \rightarrow Aparna \rightarrow Divya$ .

So the winner can be either $Geeta$ or $Divya$

In option $C$ it is given Geeta finishes ahead of Divya  i.e. $Divya \rightarrow Geeta$

So Geeta will be the winner.

Hence option $C$ is correct.


We will not use option $A$ as it is mentioned that we need to take minimal set of information to determine the winner.
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