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Which of the words below matches the regular expression $a(a+b)^{\ast}b+b(a+b)^{\ast}a$?

  1. $aba$
  2. $bab$
  3. $abba$
  4. $aabb$
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L ={ (words starting with $a$ and ending with $b$) OR (words starting with $b$ and ending with $a$) }

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Answer: $\mathbf{(D)}$

As the above Regular expression is the $\mathbf{UNION}$ Of two Regular Expressions in which the first one starts with a and ends with b followed by any number of a and b in between.

In the second part, it must start with b and ends with a, followed by any number of a and b in between.

On checking the options we can easily eliminate a, b and c as they both start and end with the same symbol.

$\therefore$ The answer is $\mathbf D$

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It's really the sensible explanation.👍
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Only Option D) can be generated

Given $r= a(a+b)^{*}b + b(a+b)^{*}a$

$a(a+b)(a+b)b = aabb $

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