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There are five buckets, each of which can be open or closed. An arrangement is a specification of which buckets are open and which bucket are closed. Every person likes some of the arrangements and dislikes the rest. You host a party, and amazingly, no two people on the guest list have the same likes and dislikes. What is the maximum number of guests possible?

  1. $5^{2}$
  2. $\binom{5}{2}$
  3. $2^{5}$
  4. $2^{2^{5}}$
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There are $5$ buckets and each of them can be opened and Closed i.e. $2$ options for each bucket.


so number of arrangements of buckets $= 2*2*2*2*2 = 2^5 = 32$


Now for of these $32$ arrangement a person can either select the arrangement or reject the arrangement i.e. $2$ options for each arrangement.


So the number of ways in which every person can select a set of arrangements such that set of his arrangements selected are different from other person's selection

$ = 2*2*2*2....32 \ times $

$= 2^{32} $

$= 2 ^{2^5} $


Hence Option $D.$ is the correct answer.

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