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The shaded region in the following diagram represents the relation

  1. $y \leq x$
  2. $\mid y \mid \leq \mid x \mid$
  3. $y \leq \mid x \mid$
  4. $\mid y \mid \leq x$
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2 Answers

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Y is +ve in 1st quardnent and -ve in 3rd quardnent and X is +ve in 1st and 3rd so mod(y) so

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Answer: $\mathbf D$


 $|y|=x \Rightarrow x=-y,\; \forall y<0$

and, $x=y, \;\;\forall y>0$

  The domain is $x >= 0\;\because$ the left side is non-negative.

So graph $y=x\;\;\forall x >= 0$, and $y=-x\;\;\forall x >= 0$ .

$\therefore \mathbf D$ is the right option.

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