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A real-time system needs to handle two voice calls that each run every $6$ msec and consume $1$ msec of CPU time per burst, plus one video at $25$ frames/sec, with each frame requiring $20$ msec of CPU time. Is this system schedulable?
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Voice runs every $5 \;\text{ms} = \frac{1}{0.005} = 200 \;\text{times per second}$

Video runs at $25$ frames/ second $=25 \;\text{times per second}$

voice require $1\;\text{ms}$ eac time $=200 \;\text{ms per second}$

Video needs $20$ ms  $=25\times0.020 = 500\;\text{ms}$

$\therefore \text{Total} = 200\;\text{ms}\times2 + 500 \;\text{ms} = 900 \; \text{ms}$


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